Where are the Panama Papers?

July 19, 2016 at 6:07 pm / by

Treasury Questions

Today I challenged the new Treasury team on the Government’s record on tax evasion, with a specific question following up on the Panama Papers scandal.

In April, the Panama Papers revelations prompted the former Prime Minister David Cameron to announce a £10 million cross-departmental taskforce, committed to ensuring that the files were fully investigated and any wrongdoing brought to justice.

Up to £10m of public money was earmarked for this taskforce, yet my question today revealed that the Treasury doesn’t even have access to the papers they need to begin investigations.

It is hard to see how the public can have confidence that their money is being spent appropriately, when the Treasury hides behind “logistical reasons” for an obvious lack of progress. If we are to restore trust that our tax system is not being manipulated by the select few who can afford to do so, the work of this taskforce needs to be effective and transparent. My full question to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury can be seen below.