Washington DC

November 8, 2008 at 6:30 am / by

I will be putting up my photos from the Obama campaign soon but it’s just taking me a bit of time to trawl through all 500 of them!

I’m currently in Washington DC visiting family and earlier today I took my little cousin to Toys “R” Us. (Yes- I’ll admit that the 6 year old inside me had a great time)

As I waited in the queue line to pay, I overheard two women discussing the Obama marriage. Apparently Barack made time to celebrate his anniversary with Michelle on 3rd October even though the campaign schedule was hectic with only one month to go. And did you know that Barack attended all of Malia and Sasha’s ballet recitals this year because Michelle asked him to? True love indeed!

As I listened to this good old chinwag, it suddenly hit me that I had heard very similar conversations while waiting around in London except the topic of conversation was usually Charles and Camilla or William and Kate. It seems like the Obamas are becoming the American version of our Royal Family. I just hope they are a bit more careful about their late night phone conversations…

I spent the evening making cupcakes with Play-Doh. Kids these days just have no respect for manicures!

Anyway I am off to New York tomorrow to attend a seminar on restoring democracy in Bangladesh. I know I’ve been neglecting my homeland a bit but now that the elections have been scheduled for 18 December, I’ll be on the ball again!