Walking in the shoes of my local postman

May 8, 2014 at 12:12 pm / by

Tulip Siddiq - Walking in a postman's shoes

Last month I went on an early-morning delivery round with a local postman in Kilburn.

The ‘Walk in Their Postman’s Shoes’ scheme is organised by the Royal Mail Group to give people an insight into the daily challenges of delivering Britain’s mail.

I had the honour of accompanying postman of 43 years Derek Reily, delivering letters to the NW6 postcode where there are 23,014 addresses (covered by 69 post boxes). People like Derek are the backbone of our economy, working tirelessly to keep local businesses running year-round.

The Royal Mail staff in Kilburn do an amazing job delivering the thousands of letters and parcels to my constituents 6 days a week – regardless of the weather.

I was proud to be able to join him on his round, to talk about the challenges he has faced over the years – including changing attitudes towards letter-writing, huge increases in parcel delivery and the hazards of dangerous dogs!