Vote to Remain in the European Union!

June 22, 2016 at 2:49 pm / by


It is my unwavering belief that Britain is stronger, safer, and better off as a Member of the European Union.

I have signed a number of letters during this campaign that outline the case for in, in the fullest hope that we can inspire a Remain vote tomorrow. One such letter, written with Keir Starmer MP and Sarah Hayward, appeared in the Camden New Journal and Ham and High, arguing that our local economy hugely benefits from working with our European partners.

The letter can be read in full here.

I also believe continued membership is to the benefit of specific communities, not least the Black and Minority Ethnic communities across Britain. I have signed the official Britain Stronger in Europe campaign letter that makes it clear leaving the EU would jeopardise the future of the many BME small business owners, who rely on trade and lower prices brought by the EU to succeed. It can be read here.

Leaving the EU would be a reckless gamble with our economy, and I strongly urge those who wish to see a more prosperous future for the British economy to VOTE REMAIN tomorrow!