Total Politics

April 23, 2009 at 10:45 pm / by

I was extremely pleased to see that the Total Politics magazine printed my letter.

If you haven’t got a copy of the May edition, you can read my letter online here.

This edition seems to have a few articles from people I know including Jon who discusses lobbying in the EU headquarters and Philippa who writes about Tibet.

There’s also a detailed article about using Facebook effectively from Mark Pack. Although he makes some useful points about privacy settings, I can’t help but feel that politicians have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon a little too late. I’m sure I was first poked over two years ago so why is Facebook suddenly so topical now?

In the agony aunt section of the magazine, the Campaign Doctor bluntly tells a confused politician – “Don’t pretend you are down with the kids!”

Does anyone feel that’s what the politicians are doing with Facebook and Twitter? Or is it that some MPs can get away with it and others really shouldn’t even try? Or is it better late than never?

At least social networking means greater scrutiny of politics which is always a good thing in a democracy. I have to say that sometimes it does feel like these tools are being used ineffectively i.e. more for spin than to gauge public opinion.

I think I feel a detailed blog coming on about politicians and social networking! Tune in over the next few days as I want to watch Question Time now. (Let’s see what the public think about the very measured Budget…)

By the way, I better clarify that I don’t classify myself as a ‘kid’ anymore. It’s just that I am probably a little bit younger than the apparent Facebook ‘movers and shakers’……Nick Clegg, Simon Renwick, Lord West and none other than our John!

Sadly I’m not one of his 1,800 Facebook friends but unlike most of those people, I do have a smiley photo with him –