Super Sunday!

February 19, 2008 at 2:06 pm / by

I woke up on Sunday with half of London Young Labour sleeping in my living room. I had invited them around for some dinner after campaigning on Saturday and most people decided to stay at my flat so that we could all march to Kilburn Tube together in the morning! I think they might have regretted it when I woke them up at 9am…

In the earlier part of the day, we concentrated on delivering my final leaflet across the entire ward. In the afternoon, I was joined by London Assembly Member, Murad Qureshi. Murad and I canvassed the houses on Mill Lane and I noticed that there were two big empty properties on Mill Lane itself:

Empty houses on Mill Lane Empty houses on Mill Lane 2

I have written to the council to find out why these houses are not being used – there is definitely a need for affordable housing in Fortune Green.

Murad and I also came across some Thames Water roadworks on one of the side streets off Mill Lane. I have asked Murad to investigate how long this process will take and what progress has been made. I will update local residents who are being affected by these roadworks via my website.

Neglected area in Fortune Green

Finally, we popped into Orestes Mews where I came across an extremely neglected area. None of the residents living there were at home so I couldn’t enquire about whether they had written to the Council about it but I am certainly going to take it up with local councillors as it ruins a very attractive part of the ward.