The Duke of Wellington

January 26, 2009 at 12:19 am / by

I had dinner at the Duke of Wellington pub over the weekend and it was amazing food! My compliments to the chef. Do try it out if you are nearby.

It was an interesting evening with some extremely accomplished people including Richard Smith. The host Lois Quam is a family friend so she kindly invited me to meet her friends.

I was sitting opposite Angela Eagle but I just didn’t recognise her until she started talking. She looks so different on TV! Apparently she does her advice surgeries in her local supermarket which I thought was a great idea. I might implement that in my office for Harry instead of hiring out the community centre.

I was also pleased to finally meet Frances O’Grady as I really admire the work she does. She’s the first female TUC Deputy General Secretary and has done a lot of important campaigning on equality issues. She was extremely warm, eloquent and a North Londoner which just adds to her credentials!