The beginning

January 25, 2008 at 11:00 pm / by

Even though I could hardly sleep after the excitement of last night, by the time I was on the tube to work I was already planning my work schedule around my campaign. In what must have been the most productive lunch-break of all time, I went from Westminster to Camden Town Hall to sign the forms to officially become the Labour candidate for the council by-election in Fortune Green. Now the real work begins!

The by-election has come about due to the death of a local Councillor, Jane Schopflin. People will remember her for her hard work and dedication to the Fortune Green community. The campaign will be unusually short, and so I will be working really hard to let the residents of Fortune Green know what Labour stands for and how we plan to represent them on the council.

I’m really lucky that my mum lives locally, so I popped in for some home cooking to fill me up for a full weekend of campaigning activities!