Super Tuesday

February 5, 2008 at 11:28 pm / by

I went into work really early so that I could get into the community in the afternoon. That’s a real advantage of having flexible working hours. I’m lucky to have such an understanding boss (he was a local Councillor in London for 11 years, so he knows exactly what is required from me as a candidate!).

Going door-to-door in Fortune Green

Our team went door-to-door again today, with a number of people bringing up the issue of faulty street lighting. One man complained that some of the lights haven’t been working for over a year.

A broken light on the Sidings Estate

I then heard the same complaint from a few more elderly residents who said that the lights would strangely come on in the middle of summer and then during winter (when they felt unsafe) it would never be on, despite numerous complaints to Lib Dem councillors.

On my way home, I spoke to two younger girls who said point blank that they refused to vote because councillors did not listen to them. They seemed like very intelligent girls, who had become totally disillusoned with the current political climate. We chatted for ten minutes about my ideas regarding consultation and trying to engage the community (If you are reading this, I took all your points on board!).

Before dropping off to sleep, I will definitely catch up on the gossip in another election (happening across the pond). It’s exciting to think that, after months of campaigning, there will soon be an end to the Obama-Clinton saga.