Sunny Saturday

February 9, 2008 at 11:50 pm / by

Group of campaigners on Saturday

I teamed up with two local Party members and we covered the western part of the ward. The main issues in this area seemed to be the rubbish on the streets and the inconsistent road quality (we saw a number of potholes as we walked around).

One resident told me that she felt that the Liberal Democrat/Conservative council were wasting her money because her main priority was to fix the streets where she parked her car, but nothing had been done about it. She said that it made her feel neglected and that this sort of issue (well-paved streets) was important to everyone living on her road.

Overall, the residents I spoke to seemed happy to engage with me despite it being a Saturday afternoon. I even received a couple of invites in for a cup of tea, so I managed to keep up with the rugby! Several elderly residents, who have of course been living locally longer than I have, were eager to share their experiences, and many felt that the area’s community cohesion had become a thing of the past. I noted down their ideas and if I am elected, I will definitely work towards organising more community events. Fortune Green is an exceptionally friendly ward and it would be a pity to lose this strong sense of community.