Sunday on the streets

February 4, 2008 at 10:13 pm / by

Another early start to the day (and this time I actually managed to have some breakfast before leaving the house!). I was overwhelmed by the number of people who turned up to canvass and support the campaign. The volunteers included local Labour members, school friends, colleagues and family members. Great effort everyone!

We split up and covered a really large portion of Fortune Green. I heard a variety of concerns that the local constituents had about the current council’s complacency regarding their issues.

Graffiti on the ceiling of an estate

-> Click here for more photos of neglect around Fortune Green

Residents in the Sidings Estate complained about how their houses were being neglected and even showed me graffiti on their ceilings which has still not been dealt with despite their continuous complaints to local councillors! Other residents were concerned that caretaking services were not a priority for the local councillors, and were only likely to get worse under the Lib Dem plans for part-privatisation.

Quite a few people complained about the increase in crime recently by teenagers. It made me even more determined to fight for an increase in youth services in the ward.

We wrapped up after 5pm and went to a local café to enjoy the rest of the evening…and I made everyone promise to come out and do it all over again next weekend!