Saturday Campaigning!

February 2, 2008 at 10:30 pm / by

I woke up at 8am today (and without the help of my trustworthy alarm clock). The reason? I was really excited because I could spend all day concentrating on campaigning activities instead of squeezing everything into the evening! I set up a stall with my wonderful team (thanks guys, I know 11am on a Saturday was tough for you!) and plenty of locals stopped by to have a chat and ask questions.

Explaining issues to my street stall team!

The main issue people seemed concerned with was the £40 million cuts to public services by the Lib Dem/Conservative administration that currently runs Camden. Several local constituents felt that the present Fortune Green councillors had become too comfortable in their positions and thus didn’t feel the need to work for their voters anymore.

My team and I had a well deserved break at my house for lunch and everyone agreed that the morning had been both successful and enjoyable (but perhaps a little bit chilly!).

In the afternoon, members from London Young Labour joined us and helped to fold, organise and deliver my leaflets, which outline my main concerns about the ward and the changes I hope to make.

I’ve also added a few more photos from today to the website, click here to have a look.