Recent letter to Editors

June 6, 2012 at 9:39 pm / by

Here’s a letter I just sent to the Camden New Journal:

Dear Editor

It is wonderful to hear about the progress that The Winch has made with Belsize Library (“Library plans opening day”, CNJ 31 May).

However, the article incorrectly states that the library has had all its funding withdrawn by Camden Council at the end of March.

In fact, we are providing a total of £342,000 in funding to all the community libraries, including transition funding to cover running costs in 2012/13, and Camden People’s Fund money towards one-off costs.

For Belsize Library we are providing a total of £99,000 to The Winch; £124,000 to the Keats Community Library (formerly Heath Library); while Primrose Hill Community Association will receive £119,000 for Chalk Farm Library.

Our top priority has always been to ensure that these libraries are viable as community-run facilities and we will continue to support them as much as possible in the future.


Councillor Tulip Siddiq
Cabinet Member for Culture