July 8, 2008 at 6:22 pm / by

I went to see my doctor at Gower Place Practice in Bloomsbury yesterday and after he reassured me that it really was hay fever that I was suffering from, not some serious chest infection; we discussed the current polyclinic plans. I do agree with him that the plans to close Gower Place Practice and move to the nearby University College London Hospital are not ideal.

If this plan did follow through, it would mean that I would have to see my local doctor in the massive UCL hospital for simple things like hay fever rather than popping into the comforting surroundings of Gower Practice. The merging of the small surgeries in Camden to form one big surgery, which would be situated within an enormous hospital, will probably mean that I have to see other doctors who will not have dealt with me previously and have no real experience of my medical background.

My doctor, who I’ve been seeing for the past 7 years, also pointed out that there is the possibility that several staff will have to be laid off as there will not be enough vacancies in the new surgery for all the workers coming from the different surgeries.

If the merger did take place, it will affect around 20, 000 patients and I’m sure many of those patients have similar sentiments to me.

I’m off to Helsinki on holiday for a week but I will check my email sporadically so please do send me your comments and thoughts on this!