Online Abuse and British Democracy

July 11, 2017 at 1:43 pm / by

Britain is a thriving democracy, with two referendums and two general elections in the last three years alone. For the overwhelming majority, the elections have been fiercely contested but conducted with respect. However, some people have unfortunately chosen to abuse candidates, fellow campaigners, or those with whom they simply differ in opinion.

Online Abuse and British Democracy

This is an unacceptable trend in our political discourse and it must be tackled. I participated in the parliamentary debate on online abuse of election candidates, calling for a review into whether existing legislation is being enforced effectively and to establish the action being taken by social media companies.

My contribution can be viewed here, and my comments on Daily Politics can be viewed here. I am pleased to say the Government agreed with my comments, committing to a review that will take place in the Autumn.