On the go

February 13, 2008 at 9:30 am / by

I took the day off work yesterday as I had several commitments in the ward. In the morning I had a meeting with some Bengali residents who are interested in setting up a Bengali Community Association in Fortune Green. I took down their ideas and it is something I am hoping to help them set up. Please do contact me here if you live in Fortune Green and have Bengali connections.

I then managed to have a quick lunch with my mother who had some excellent ideas about my next leaflet which should be coming out within the next few days. Please do look out for it and email me any comments or suggestions.

Tulip and Meg Hillier MP

After lunch, I went to Westbere Road to meet Meg Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch ( She is also Under-Secretary of State for Identity in the Home Office and I was lucky to get the opportunity to canvass in Fortune Green with her for a few hours. Meg and I managed to speak to many local residents about crime and safety issues in the ward. One constituent told us both about how he had been burgled and that he had been assaulted at his front door by a gang. Thanks to Labour’s initiative of introducing local Safer Neighbourhood teams who are working closely with local police, he was able to report the crime and get help immediately.

Tulip and Meg on the doorstep

In addition to being extremely warm and friendly, Meg was full of good ideas about reducing crime in the ward. She told concerned residents that they could always call the police over to their houses and ask for advice about how to secure their houses against crime.

I then (literally) ran across to West Hampstead to attend the Kilburn and West Hampstead Neighbourhood Partnership meeting (which I’m on the board of). We mainly focused on how funding would be allocated.

Finally, I headed to the West Hampstead synagogue for a consultation meeting on the proposed West Hampstead interchange. It pointed out the many effects on the local community of a redevelopment of this size, and the strength of feeling in the local community about it.

So…the end of a very busy and extremely productive day. I’m now looking forward to a hectic week ahead…and ELECTION DAY!