My interview at JW3 with Yehuda Bauer

September 7, 2016 at 8:39 am / by

Yehuda Bauer Tulip Siddiq MP

Last night, I had the honour of interviewing Professor Yehuda Bauer at the JW3 Centre on Finchley Road.

Organised by the pro-peace organisation Yachad, I spoke with the preeminent scholar of the Holocaust on his background, his life’s work, and his views on contemporary antisemitism.

Specifically focusing on whether the nature of the Holocaust’s perpetrators could be described as ‘unique’, and the Shoah’s legacy with regard to further genocides, Professor Bauer spoke to a transfixed, near-silent audience for the entire hour during which he replied to my questions.

At 90 years old, his passion and conviction for articulating his views on these crucial issues remains undiminished. The event was a privilege to be involved in and I would like to thank the staff at JW3 and Yachad for facilitating a remarkable conversation.