October 6, 2008 at 10:53 pm / by

Last week was really busy as I was telephone canvassing for Awale Olad in Kentish town, helping out the Labour Party Action Team in Camden Town, preparing for my trip to the states to observe the US elections and standing for London Young Labour’s Women’s Officer role again.

And of course I was busy reading about the latest addition to the cabinet.

I happened to bump into Peter Mandelson at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester and the impression I got from him was that he believed we had a real chance of winning the fourth term if we returned to the strategy the Labour Party had in 1997 where they viewed the whole country as one constituency. Therefore, rather than trying to identify what different areas need, we need to focus on policies which will benefit the entire country.

He also emphasised the fact that actions speak louder than words so we need to really start working if we want to win again rather than just shouting about it. It looks like Gordon Brown took Peter’s words to heart as he definitely took action by asking him to return to the cabinet!

Now let’s just watch and see how the Prime Minister’s bold decision works out…