October 15, 2012 at 3:03 pm / by

Dear Editor,

Week after week we see letters attacking our approach to libraries. Unlike other local authorities Camden sought to minimise disruption to library services at a time of unprecedented cuts to our local government budget.

We did this by working with our residents and tapping into our unrivalled community spirit.

By working closely with the volunteers and community groups, Camden has provided support both in officer time and financially, showing that libraries do not have to close in the face of central government cuts.

In his letter last week Alan Templeton provided figures that were wholly incorrect. To be open 10,200 hours a week in 1965 Camden would have needed 60 libraries to have been open 24 hours a day or each of the actual 17 libraries would have had to have been open for 85 hours a day.

Rather than continue to denigrate our approach and the good work of librarians and volunteers it would be good to see them all receive the praise that they truly deserve.

By working in partnership Camden can continue to boast a library service that is fit for the 21st century, and we will continue to support the volunteer-run community libraries in our buildings with rent relief so they do not have to pay to occupy Camden buildings

Councillor Tulip Siddiq
Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities