Kilburn Faiths Forum

July 29, 2016 at 1:39 pm / by


Last month, I invited leaders from across Kilburn’s faith communities to Parliament for the inaugural meeting of the Kilburn Faiths Forum. As a group, the forum will explore opportunities for new events and initiatives that bring our respective communities together.

The first formal act of the Forum has been to issue a statement condemning the recent spike in hate crimes, which have risen in London by over 50% since the EU Referendum. The statement, which can which can be viewed below, makes clear our collective belief that it is always unacceptable for political differences to translate into the targeting of individuals because of their race or religion.


As a group, we met in Kilburn Square to also publicise our statement and officially mark the Forum’s beginnings. I look forward to many such displays of unity and common purpose in the future.