Kentish Town By-election

October 14, 2008 at 2:27 pm / by

I’ve been campaigning for my friend Awale Olad who is the Labour Party candidate for the Kentish Town by-election on the 30th of October.

The by-election was called after it was revealed that the Lib-Dem councillor Philip Thompson had moved to Arizona without telling his constituents! The Camden New Journal, along with other national papers, exposed this scandal which forced him to resign.

You can read the CNJ article here and my response below-

Dear Editor

I am horrified by your article ‘Lib Dems admit councillor is studying at US university’ published last week, but even more outraged by Lib Dem council leader Keith Moffit’s comments that this sort of behaviour goes ‘hand in hand with having young councillors’. I would like to point out that not all young people are so irresponsible and not all of us believe that it is acceptable to be pulling in £700 a month from Arizona when they clearly should be serving their constituents in Kentish Town! It is impossible that the council and his peers were not aware of this move – it takes months to apply for a PhD, it is not something you can decide on a whim!

Your article states that Cllr Thompson polled ‘one of the highest numbers of votes of any Camden councillor when he won Kentish Town from Labour at the 2006 council elections’. I would like to point out that this is the kind of deceitful behaviour that makes the public lose faith in politicians and politics in general.

Tulip Siddiq