HS2 Select Committee Report

February 23, 2016 at 11:11 am / by

HS2 Select Committee

The HS2 Select Committee have published their report on Additional Provisions 3 and 4, affecting both Camden and Brent.

On the 26th January, I gave evidence at the Committee, raising specific objections to the vent shaft at Canterbury works, and reiterating my opposition to the Bill as a whole. The report notes, “The local Member of Parliament, Tulip Siddiq MP, appeared before us and reinforced the arguments vociferously articulated by local people—especially parents of children at the school.” The transcript of my speech can be read here (from page 3 onwards).

Though it is incredibly frustrating that the vent shaft at Canterbury Works will proceed, some comfort can be taken from increased demands placed on HS2 Ltd. to protect child safety and to further limit environmental impacts, especially in outdoor recreational areas.