November 14, 2009 at 11:57 pm / by

If you’ve been reading my blog and my letters in the Camden New Journal, you will know that I was extremely concerned when the Albany Street branch of the Post Office was closed earlier this year.

Along with the Labour councillors, Frank Dobson MP and the local people, I lobbied Camden Council and government ministers to re-open a branch and it looks like our demands have been met!

The Post Office will undertake a short consultation process and then open a new branch on Albany Street in February.

I’m so pleased to hear that the residents from my Regent’s Park ward will no longer have to travel to Camden Town to use the Post Office. I know from the consultation meeting we had with residents in Dick Collins Hall that it was causing immense inconvenience to some people.

Thanks to everyone who helped us save this important Post Office!

In fact, Mr Mandy……..if you’re reading this, you should be thanking your fellow residents for their hard work too. It’s your local Post Office after all!

Local councillor Theo Blackwell has also blogged about this victorious outcome and very kindly mentioned me. You can read his thoughts here.