Highgate By-election

April 11, 2008 at 8:07 pm / by

I spent the day working with Michael Nicolaides who is Labour’s fantastic candidate in the Highgate by-election on May 1. This by-election was called after Tory councillor Paul Barton resigned because he couldn’t honour his commitments to the council or his constituents.

Michael told me that he thought the former councillor had failed Highgate’s residents by not listening to their concerns and that he was determined to change this. Michael went to William Ellis School locally and has been a resident in the ward for many years so his knowledge of the area is impressive.

I asked him about the main issues that he’s been campaigning on and he explained that he is extremely anxious because the Tory/Lib Dem Council are selling off 500 of Camden’s homes when there are thousands of families desperately waiting to be housed. Michael recently met with the housing ministers to discuss Camden’s homes because he wants to ensure that adequate investment takes place so that properties are not sold off unnecessarily.

We also discussed the Tory/Lib Dem coalition’s poor attitude towards the environment. They have now withdrawn door-to-door recycling from housing estates across Camden and Michael stressed the need to highlight green issues both in Highgate and in the borough generally. Amongst other ideas, he told me that he wants every shop in the Camden ward to either ban or charge for plastic carrier bags.

Overall an excellent campaign and one that I’ll definitely be helping out with. Please do contact me if you can lend a hand or you can email Michael directly –