#FreeNazanin – Letter to Boris Johnson from MPs and Peers

November 8, 2016 at 5:35 pm / by


On 24 October, I hand delivered a letter which I wrote to the Foreign Scretary Boris Johnson, along with Oliver Dowden MP.

In the letter, which you can read in full here, we call on the Foreign Secretary to use the UK’s new relationship with Iran to free three dual-national prisoners, including my constituent Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

We had a huge amount of support from MPs and Peers, with more than 100 joining us to sign the letter.

See below for a list of those who signed the letter, or have since requested to be associated with its sentiments.

MPs (216)
Siddiq, Tulip MP
Dowden, Oliver MP
Robinson, Mary MP
Abbott, Diane MP
Abrahams, Debbie MP
Ahmed-Sheikh, Tasmina MP
Alexander, Heidi MP
Ali, Rushanara MP
Allen, Heidi MP
Allin-Khan, Rosena MP
Amess, David MP
Anderson, Dave MP
Ansell, Caroline MP
Arkless, Richard MP
Ashworth, Jon MP
Bardell, Hannah MP
Beckett, Margaret MP
Benn, Hilary MP
Benyon, Richard MP
Berger, Luciana MP
Betts, Clive MP
Bingham, Andrew MP
Blackford, Ian MP
Blackman, Bob MP
Blackman-Woods, Roberta MP
Blenkinsop, Tom MP
Blomfield, Paul MP
Blunt, Crispin MP
Borwick, Victoria MP
Bottomley, Sir Peter MP
Bradshaw, Ben MP
Brady, Graham MP
Brake, Tom MP
Brennan, Kevin MP
Bridgen, Andrew MP
Brock, Deidre MP
Brown, Alan MP
Brown, Nick MP
Bruce, Fiona MP
Buck, Karen MP
Burden, Richard MP
Burnham, Andy MP
Burns, Simon MP
Burrowes, David MP
Butler, Dawn MP
Cadbury, Ruth MP
Cameron, Lisa MP
Campbell, Ronnie MP
Carmichael, Alistair MP
Cash, Bill MP
Caulfield, Maria MP
Champion, Sarah MP
Chapman, Douglas MP
Chapman, Jenny MP
Cherry, Joanna MP
Clarke, Kenneth MP
Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey MP
Clwyd, Ann MP
Cooper, Julie MP
Cooper, Rosie MP
Courts, Robert MP
Cowan, Ronnie MP
Cox, Geoffrey MP
Cryer, John MP
Cunningham, Alex MP
Dakin, Nic MP
Davies, David MP
Davies, James MP
Day, Martyn MP
Debbonaire, Thangam MP
Docherty-Hughes, Martin MP
Dodds, Nigel MP
Donaldson, Stuart MP
Double, Steve MP
Doughty, Stephen MP
Dowd, Jim MP
Dowd, Peter MP
Durkan, Mark MP
Efford, Clive MP
Elphicke, Charlie MP
Evans, Nigel MP
Farrelly, Paul MP
Farron, Tim MP
Fellows, Marion MP
Ferrier , Margaret MP
Fitzpatrick, Jim MP
Flello, Rob MP
Flynn, Paul MP
Freer, Mike MP
Gapes, Mike MP
Garnier, Edward MP
Gethins, Stephen MP
Gibson, Patricia MP
Gisela, Stuart MP
Glass, Pat MP
Glen, John MP
Godsiff, Roger MP
Goodman, Helen MP
Grady, Patrick MP
Grant, Helen MP
Grant, Peter MP
Gray, Neil MP
Green, Kate MP
Greenwood, Lilian MP
Hamilton, Fabian MP
Harris, Carolyn MP
Hayes, Helen MP
Hayman, Sue MP
Hendry, Drew MP
Hollern, Kate MP
Holloway, Adam MP
Hopkins, Kelvin MP
Howarth, Gerald MP
Keeley, Barbara MP
Kerr, Calum MP
Kinnock, Stephen MP
Kyle, Peter MP
Lammy, David MP
Latham, Pauline MP
Law, Chris MP
Lefroy, Jeremy MP
Letwin, Oliver MP
Lewell-Buck, Emma MP
Lilley, Peter MP
Lord, Jonathan MP
Loughton, Tim MP
Lucas, Caroline MP
Lumley, Karen MP
Mackintosh, David MP
Macneil, Angus MP
Mahmood, Khalid MP
Main, Anne MP
Malthouse, Kit MP
Marris, Rob MP
Marsden, Gordon MP
Mathias, Tania MP
McCabe, Stephen MP
McCaig, Callum MP
McCarthy, Kerry MP
McCartney, Jason MP
McDonagh, Siobhain MP
McDonald, Stewart MP
McDonald, Stuart MP
McDonnell, John MP
McGarry, Natalie MP
McLaughlin, Anne MP
McNally, John MP
McNeil, Angus MP
Mearns, Ian MP
Mitchell, Andrew MP
Monaghan, Carol MP
Monaghan, Paul MP
Moon, Madeleine MP
Morgan, Nicky MP
Mulholland, Greg MP
Mullin, Roger MP
Murray, Ian MP
Neill, Bob MP
Newlands, Gavin MP
Nicolson, John MP
O’Hara, Brendan MP
Onn, Melanie MP
Osamor, Kate MP
Oswald, Kirsten MP
Owen, Albert MP
Paterson, Steven MP
Pennycook, Matt MP
Prisk, Mark MP
Pugh, John MP
Qureshi, Yasmin MP
Raab, Dominic MP
Rayner, Angela MP
Reed, Steve MP
Rimmer, Marie MP
Robinson, Gavin MP
Rosindell, Andrew MP
Ryan, Joan MP
Salmond, Alex MP
Sandbach, Antoinette MP
Saville Roberts, Liz MP
Scully, Paul MP
Selous, Andrew MP
Shah, Naz MP
Shannon, Jim MP
Sheppard, Tommy MP
Slaughter, Andy MP
Smeeth, Ruth MP
Smith, Andrew MP
Smith, Cat MP
Smith, Jeff MP
Spelman, Caroline MP
Starmer, Keir MP
Stephens, Christopher MP
Stewart, Ann MP
Stewart, Iain MP
Streeting, Wes MP
Sturdy, Julian MP
Swayne, Desmond MP
Thewliss, Alison MP
Thomas, Derek MP
Thomas-Symonds, Nick MP
Thompson, Owen MP
Timms, Stephen MP
Tomlinson, Justin MP
Tugendhat, Tom MP
Turley, Anna MP
Twigg, Stephen MP
Vaz, Valerie MP
Virendr, Sharmaa MP
Warburton, David MP
Weir, Mike MP
West, Catherine MP
Whiteford, Eilidh MP
Whitford, Philippa MP
Williams, Hywel MP
Williams, Mark MP
Winnick, David MP
Wishart, Pete MP
Wollaston, Sarah MP
Wood, Mike MP
Zeichner, Daniel MP

Peers (42)
Baron Taverne
Baron Turnbull
Baroness Afshar
Baroness Berridge
Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury
Baroness Boothroyd
Baroness Deech
Baroness Harris of Richmond
Baroness Hodgson of Abinger
Baroness Hollins
Baroness Hooper
Baroness Jolly
Baroness Lister of Burtersett
Baroness Ludford
Baroness Northover
Baroness Quin
Baroness Scott of Needham Market
Baroness Stern
Baroness Tonge
Earl of Sandwich
Lord Ahmed of Rotherham
Lord Alton of Liverpool
Lord Beith
Lord Bruce of Bennachie
Lord Campbell of Pittenweem
Lord Carlile of Berriew QC
Lord Collins of Highbury
Lord Desai
Lord Foster of Bath
Lord Hylton
Lord Judd
Lord Kilclooney of Armagh
Lord Maclennan of Rogart
Lord Marlesford
Lord McNally
Lord Oates
Lord Palmer of Childs Hill
Lord Rennard
Lord Sharkey
Lord Shipley
Lord Smith of Finsbury
Lord Wallace of Saltaire