Even more sunshine!

February 10, 2008 at 10:37 pm / by

I woke up feeling extremely pleased as last night at my friend’s birthday party I managed to recruit more volunteers to campaign with me. Drawing back my curtains and seeing the sunshine energised me further – there’s nothing worse than campaigning in the rain! Again, more than 20 people turned up to campaign at 11a.m. on a Sunday, which was amazing. A massive thank you to all those who came, especially as I know some of you travelled all the way from south London!

This time I decided to visit the Templar House estate on Shoot-up Hill. I was shocked at the extent to which this estate has been neglected by the LibDem/Tory council. Amongst many other problems, I was told that the lift in one block has not been working for over a year and nothing has been done about it. I met several elderly residents who complained that it was impossible for them to use the steep stairs, and yet the council had completely ignored their grievances.

I was invited into several flats where I saw extreme overcrowding, many broken windows, and a general dampness that was causing health problems for the inhabitants. You can see some of the photos here.

I have passed on all of the casework to the Labour councillors in other wards, as Fortune Green doesn’t have any Labour councillors and I really hope I can help some of these people. On a positive note, I was impressed with the ideas that the residents had about improving their own community. They were delighted that I was concerned about their well-being and agreed with me that Fortune Green was a very friendly area with enormous potential.

Playing football (badly!)

I finished off the day with lots of football. Firstly I tried to play with some of the young residents of Templar House, but I must admit that I left my football boots at home! After a long day of campaigning I settled down to watch the Liverpool vs Chelsea match, but it was not the best (Peter Crouch blew two or three really good chances). Still, it felt great to be off my feet for a couple of hours!