European Elections Campaigning

June 9, 2009 at 12:52 am / by

I did a lot of anti-BNP campaigning before the European elections last week. Unfortunately the BNP managed to win two seats although it is worth bearing in mind that the BNP won less votes this time than they did in 2004.

Did anyone else see Nick Griffin’s victory speech? It was truly awful.

One of the main events I hosted was with the Rt Hon Douglas Alexander (Secretary of State for International Development) in East London. It was essentially a ‘Get Out The BAME Vote’ event and we had a Q&A session with the BAME press.

Claude Moraes who has been elected as one of our London MEPs and Rushanara Ali (PPC for Bethnal Green and Bow) both spoke at the event.

You can see the photos from the event here.

I also wrote to my local newspaper about the threat of the BNP. My letter is in this week’s edition of the Ham and High and for those that don’t live locally, here it is:

Dear Editor

I read with great interest your article last week ‘Winston’s words on Europe’. In the views expressed below, a young lady called Jennifer states that she’s not really interested in the European elections, that she’s never voted before but that if there is a racist party, she wouldn’t want them voted for.

I need to point out that Jennifer’s statement is commonplace (especially amongst my peers) and worryingly contradictory.

The truth is that if the turnout for the European elections today is low, a racist party such as the BNP stand a greater chance of being elected as this election is based on proportional representation.

I understand that a lot of people, both young and old, are disillusioned with politics at the moment but there’s no point in saying that you don’t want a racist party to be voted in if you do not vote yourself.

The British Nationalist Party consider people who are not ‘white’ to be ‘guests of Britain’ rather than British. They deny that the Holocaust ever happened. They believe mixed-race relationships should be outlawed. In their 2005 general election manifesto, they stated that the answer to violent crime is to allow every household to have a gun. The final nail on the coffin is that they have been circulating a poster with three white men entitled “British Jobs for British Workers” but these men are actually American!

If you’ve never voted before, this is the time to break the habit of a lifetime in order to avoid a culture of intolerance from developing in Britain.