EU Nationals Surgery

May 13, 2017 at 11:39 am / by


As many residents will be aware, I resigned my position on the Labour frontbench in order to give a full-throated opposition to the Brexit process.

My opposition is based on the negative consequences that I believe Brexit will have for London’s economy, and for the livelihoods of many local residents.

It is also based on the anxieties that Brexit is creating for the thousands of EU nationals who live in our area. Providing guarantees over their futures is a question of profound economic and moral importance.

I have been vocal both in Parliament and proactive in Hampstead and Kilburn in seeking to champion their rights.

This week, I was proud to host a workshop for EU nationals at Swiss Cottage Library, which sought to help those who were uncertain of the measures they need to take in order to secure permanent residency.

If re-elected on June 8th, I will continue to be unequivocal in demanding that the next UK Government settles their futures unilaterally.