Election Fever

April 28, 2008 at 6:00 pm / by

I went to the opening of the Impressions Events Venue in West Ham last week along with several MPs and Councillors. Amongst others, I spoke to Hazel Blears MP, Stephen Timms MP and Jim Fitzpatrick MP and John Biggs AM about the Mayoral elections this Thursday. All the MPs highlighted the importance of turnout in this election in order to prevent the BNP from getting a foothold in City Hall.

I also spoke to some young people at the event who were all hoping to buy their own houses in London over the next year. They agreed that the issue of housing was the deciding factor between who they voted for on 1 May. The general consensus was that Boris Johnson’s housing manifesto was a complete farce with no real facts and endless inaccuracies. Alarmingly, if Boris is elected Mayor, he plans to abandon Ken Livingstone’s target that 50 per cent of all new homes in London should be affordable.

Amongst countless other ridiculous speeches/interviews/leaflets, this manifesto yet again contributes to the fact that the Tory candidate is incompetent and unfit to do the job properly. I can’t imagine him being in charge of the £39 billion transport budget, let alone running the whole of London!

The truth is that Boris has no experience of London matters nor has he shown any interest in them in the past. If Boris wins, London will be run by unelected, faceless bureaucrats imported into powerful positions from the Conservative Party and big businesses and they will make crucial decisions which will affect ordinary Londoners like me.

Let’s elect a competent Mayor on Thursday- someone who knows what he’s doing.