Education questions – Funding for nurseries

November 14, 2016 at 3:56 pm / by

Education questions

Today at Education Questions I called on the Government to provide the extra funding desperately needed to protect our nurseries.

Over the summer, the Government conducted a consultation on expanding free childcare. It came to light last week that more than half of the nurseries which responded to this consultation made clear that they were desperately short of funding. A quarter of those nurseries said that they don’t even receive enough money to cover their costs.

You can watch my question here:

This situation is completely unsustainable. 15,000 nursery providers have already been forced to close since 2010 and hundreds more are at risk if funding is not forthcoming.

Next week’s Autumn Statement is the perfect opportunity to respond to these concerns. With this in mind, today I asked the Childcare Minister if she would join me in pushing the Chancellor to provide the funding.

I was extremely disappointed that the Minister chose to hide behind highly misleading statistics. Her response will do nothing to reassure the hundreds of nurseries across the country that are desperately trying to balance their books.

It’s not too late for the Chancellor to take a more serious approach and to provide this desperately needed extra funding. Until he does, Labour will continue to campaign to #ProtectOurNurseries.