Drug Treatment Centre

March 26, 2009 at 1:37 pm / by

Here’s the letter I wrote to the Camden New Journal this week –

Dear Editor

I am planning to attend the public meeting on 2 April in Camden Centre, King’s Cross which will discuss the issue of the West End drug treatment service.

I am extremely concerned that neither the PCT nor Camden Council are being open and transparent with residents like me about where the drug treatment centre should be based. In 2006, the community rejected the proposals for a centre in Tottenham Court Road and the council decided to look for an alternative centre. The suggestion was that it could possibly be located near University College Hospital.

However, it seems now that the PCT and Lib Dem / Conservative Council are now passing the buck by putting the drug treatment centre contract out to tender in the private sector, with the organisation who wins the contract being able to decide. I don’t understand why the Lib Dems or Conservatives can’t just work with the PCT and decide on a suitable location for this centre. It’s high time they stopped evading responsibility and made some decisions about difficult issues.

I hope the meeting on 2 April will allow the residents south of the Euston Road to ask questions and express their views about this matter. I have to admit that the council’s history of failing to consult us on previous issues isn’t making me feel entirely optimistic.

Tulip Siddiq