CS11 – Update

September 6, 2016 at 1:25 pm / by

TFL CS11 Tulip Siddiq MP

I have continued my engagement with Transport for London (TfL) following the publication of their initial consultation report on Cycle Superhighway 11.

I am keen to support moves to make London a cycle-friendly city. There have been far too many fatalities and serious accidents for any lawmaker to be content that our city is truly equipped to deal with the huge growth in cyclist numbers, particularly over the past decade.

As an MP for residents living in both Camden and Brent, I am inundated with emails that express concern over levels of air pollution. Though not the sole contributor by any means, road transport accounts for 49% of the emissions contributing to the poor air quality. Cycling is one of many ‘modal shifts’ that could make reduction targets viable.

In March, I held a meeting with TfL and local stakeholders, making clear my principled support to improve cycling infrastructure, but that any scheme would need to address concerns of local stakeholders. Primarily, this meant dealing with traffic displacement to surrounding roads, particularly on key routes for emergency vehicles and those relying on access for the school run.

Further, the need to factor in the disruption that will be caused by HS2 remains as clear now as it was back in March. I am liaising with TfL to establish what efforts have been made to factor HS2’s construction into traffic modelling, and how they plan to navigate the challenges of two enormous infrastructure developments taking place simultaneously.

These views were made clear in another meeting, held by my colleague Karen Buck MP, in Parliament earlier this week. I will endeavour to keep residents informed in the weeks and months ahead.