Crime on Fordwych Road

February 20, 2015 at 6:51 pm / by

Fordwych Road, 20th February

A few weeks ago, a resident on Fordwych Road came to my office following a break-in to her house. There had been a spate of similar incidents in her area so I brought Councillor Jonathan Simpson to talk with her and see the problems on the road first hand.

Councillor Simpson is Camden’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety and was able to highlight the matter to the local police and ensure they were aware of the coordinated, multiple incidents taking place in the area. More immediately, he was able to contact the responsible housing association and have the locks fixed.

The Conservative Mayor of London recently announced a further cut in the police budget. Given that the Metropolitan Police already have 14% less officers in Camden than in 2010, we are not well placed for further cuts.  Labour are campaigning for more police on our streets to keep our community safe.