Changes to the 13/82 bus route

August 24, 2016 at 8:33 am / by

Changes to the 13/82 bus route

A number of transport projects will affect our local area in the coming years, and I am keen to act upon residents’ concerns every step of the way. This includes considering how changes to existing services affect day-to-day life.

I am therefore concerned about TfL’s proposal to get rid of the No. 82 Bus. The move could have adverse effects for local residents, particularly those with accessibility requirements who depend on the high frequency service and route currently on offer.

By redirecting the No. 13 to run along the 82 route, from North Finchley to Victoria, there will be no bus running along the old 13 route (Golders Green to Aldwych). Along the section of the Finchley Road from Fortune Green to St John’s Wood, this will result in a reduction in the frequency of buses and will mean more change-overs for bus passengers. This can be difficult for disabled and older people, or those with children and pushchairs.

Residents may recall similar proposals from 2015, in which the consultation suggested scrapping the 13 bus altogether. The only significant change this time seems to be that instead of abolishing the No. 13 outright, TfL intend for it to run along the No. 82’s old route.

I have written to TFL putting forward mine and many resident’s concerns about these proposals. Furthermore the local Labour Party are currently campaigning to try to prevent the proposed reductions in service.

If you wish to respond directly to TfL’s consultation for these proposals, please do so via this link before 30th September.