Chalcots Estate – Update

June 27, 2017 at 12:53 pm / by


This has been a week of enormous disruption for Chalcots residents, with young families, elderly and disabled people all being evacuated from their homes.

I was on the estate for most of the weekend, talking to those evacuated and aiming to provide practical support where possible.

Clearly, the most important issue is to ensure that all residents have access to decent accommodation throughout the time that the necessary alterations are made to the Chalcots estate.

In Parliament, I submitted an urgent request to have the evacuation debated in the Commons. The Government were due to give a statement on the disaster at Grenfell anyway, so this request was incorporated into the wider proceedings.

I pressed the Communities Secretary to give his view on the closure of Belsize Fire Station. The Fire Station used to stand just 500m from the Chalcots site, and residents have expressed their anger that it has been closed to make way for luxury flats. That question, and the Ministers response can be viewed here and below.

I have followed up by submitting written questions to Ministers, focussing on how the Government will address fire safety standards across the country, and what support they will give to Councils to care for residents. I will continue to update residents on any further action that I take.

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