Campaigning, Campaigning, Campaigning

May 28, 2009 at 10:51 pm / by

As the Euro elections creep closer and closer, I’ve been spending most of my time campaigning. Obviously I’ve been knocking on doors in my own Regent’s Park ward as often as possible. I had a good session with Nash who is leader of the Labour Group and our local MP Frank Dobson last weekend.

Yes it was very windy that day!

I also went campaigning in Bethnal Green for Rushanara Ali on a less windy day. Here I am with one of the local Labour Party members.

I’ve also arranged a few telephone canvassing sessions for the North West where the BNP leader Nick Griffin is standing. We need to get the message out (particularly to apathetic Labour voters) that a vote for any other party gives more support to the BNP. If you’d like to help with any campaigning over the next few days, please contact me.