Campaigning alongside Gina Miller

May 17, 2017 at 6:36 pm / by

Tulip Gina

Over 75% of constituents in Hampstead and Kilburn voted to remain in the European Union, and as Member of Parliament for the area over the past two years, I worked tirelessly to have the local voice heard in Parliament.

From my resigning as a Shadow Education Minister to vote against Article 50, to running workshops for EU Nationals facing uncertainty over their future residential rights, I have been vocal and proactive in my campaign against a hard Brexit.

I was delighted to be endorsed in my re-election campaign by the indomitable Gina Miller and her Best for Britain campaign.

Gina’s support is welcome in a week where we have learned that UKIP will not be standing in Hampstead and Kilburn in order to boost the Conservative vote.

Local residents deserve a representative voice in Westminster, and I am proud to be the pro-European choice at this election.