My endorsers

These are the people who are supporting me – and I’d love to add your name to the list:

Glenda Jackson portrait photo“I’ve worked with Tulip for years and she is a dedicated and passionate campaigner.

I know she will work tirelessly for the people of Hampstead and Kilburn, and its many communities.”

Glenda Jackson
Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn since 1992


Helen Brown endorsement“As a former senior nurse, I know how essential the National Health Service is to our community. Labour have the right ideas in integrating health and social care and taking early intervention and mental health seriously. Tulip’s work with Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust has also given her a unique insight. I trust her understand the reality of front-line healthcare and be part of critical decisions about the future of the NHS. Tulip will make a wonderful MP for Hampstead and Kilburn.”

Helen Brown
NHS Health Visitor, Brondesbury Park resident


Father Cain endorsement“It’s been a pleasure working with Tulip.

I’ve seen first-hand her commitment to the communities here and her ability to work with people of every faith background, race and political persuasion.

She cares about local issues – because as a member of the local community what is important to us is also important to her.”

Father Andrew Cain
Vicar, St Mary’s in Kilburn and St James’ in West Hampstead




Patrick Wall endorsement“15 years ago, I founded a software company that now employs 200 people across the UK.

It’s this experience that leads me to support Labour’s policies to tackle income inequality and push for higher wages.

It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also what our economy needs.

Increasing the security of those on lower incomes is the best way to boost demand and encourage business investment.”

Patrick Wall
Business founder, Brondesbury Park resident



Tina Amadi Endorsement“London isn’t always an easy place to raise a child.

As a single mum holding down a full-time job and running my own business it can feel like everyone is against you.

When I met Tulip, it felt like finally someone understood and actually had some ideas on what would make life easier, like on childcare, which would help me work more and continue developing my skills.”

Tina Amadi
West Hampstead


Parvez Ahmed endorsement“Over the past decade, Tulip has become a major champion of local communities, whether they are residents associations, religious groups or business forums. She knows that business and communities are one and the same and recognises the difficulties we face, whether it is access to finance or changes to regulations.”

Parvez Ahmed
Local business owner, Kilburn





Hannah Riley endorsement“This will be my first General Election and I wasn’t sure who to choose until I met Tulip when she visited my street.

Tulip listened to me and understood my concerns. She’s focused on the country’s long-term future, not short-term policies like high tuition fees. Labour’s policies show that they’re listening at the top too. This is the kind of Government I want representing me.”

Hannah Riley
Student, Frognal and Fitzjohns

Myra and Derek endorsement“With cross-party support for a triple-lock on state pensions, it’s not ourselves we’re worried about.

We are worried about the future and younger people, like our grandchildren, who might look to settle in London.

Rents just keep going up and there are so many bad landlords out there. Affordable housing is scarce.

Tulip understands that it will take serious policy changes to fix this. We trust her to make sure Labour delivers on its promises on homes and protection for renters.”

Myra and Derek Farnworth
Frognal and Fitzjohns residents

Neil Kinnock endorsement for Tulip Siddiq“I’ve known Tulip Siddiq for several years as a brave and determined campaigner for Labour’s democratic socialist values and a very hard working elected representative of our Party.

Tulip embodies everything that is best about young Labour people – she is energetic, conscientious, highly intelligent, approachable and determined to combat prejudice and injustice anywhere and everywhere.

Her sense of judgement is firm and mature and her commitment to public service is total.

She would make an outstanding Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn and I’m certain that she deserves support from across the whole Constituency Labour Party.”

Lord Kinnock
Former Labour Party leader

Angela Eagle“Tulip is a local candidate with national policy experience. She has campaigned tirelessly in Hampstead and Kilburn against Tory cuts.

Her dedication and commitment to Labour values is evident. I believe she’ll be a valuable asset to us in Parliament”

Angela Eagle MP
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

Melvyn Bragg Tulip Siddiq Endorsement“I’ve met and am very impressed by Tulip Siddiq. She knows the constituency well and will, I’m certain, speak out for it forcefully. She is fully capable of holding her own on national issues.

Her comparative youth is a great asset to a party which more than ever seeks and needs change. She could be a distinctive presence at Westminster.”

Lord Melvyn Bragg
Labour member, Hampstead Town

Claude Moraes Tulip Siddiq Endorsement“Tulip Siddiq is a mature and experienced campaigner, whose drive, energy and knowledge of policy will make her an excellent member of parliament for Hampstead and Kilburn.

She not only knows first-hand the issues which affect people in the area, but also has a wide understanding of national and international politics.”

Claude Moraes MEP
Member of European Parliament for London

Nicky Gavron Tulip Siddiq Endorsement“I’ve worked with Tulip for seven years, and in that time I’ve known her as a dedicated and passionate campaigner.

I know she will work tirelessly for the people of Hampstead and Kilburn, and its many communities.”

Nicky Gavron AM
Former Deputy Mayor of London

Pat Calaghan's endorsement of Tulip Siddiq“Tulip has brought passion and commitment to her role as Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities. As a grateful resident of Primrose Hill, and also deputy leader of Camden Council, my community and I have her to thank for saving our libraries in Camden inspite of savage cuts from the Tory government.”

Councillor Pat Callaghan
Camden Council Deputy Leader
Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health

Philip Lewis Tulip Siddiq EndorsementI fully support Tulip Siddiq’s campaign to become the MP for Hampstead and Kilburn seat.
My union UNISON has always believed that the Labour Party should promote members from the BME communities and Tulip has proven that she is more than capable of being an outstanding MP.

Philip Lewis
Camden Unison Labour Link Officer (pc)

Mikey Pavey Tulip Siddiq endorsement“Tulip’s talent and ability are self-evident, but it is her hard work and commitment which have really impressed me.

We need a candidate who will campaign tirelessly and that’s Tulip.

She’ll be a brilliant candidate and an even better MP.”

Mikey Pavey
Councillor for Barnhill, Lead Member for Children and Families

Mohammed Butt“Tulip is extremely talented, and dedicated to Labour in H&K. I have been so impressed with the way she passionately represents her constituents, and the fantastic job she has done as a Lead Member. Labour needs more people like Tulip in Parliament, and I can’t think of anyone better to represent Brent in parliament.”

Muhammed Butt
Leader of Brent Council

james-denselow-tulip-siddiq2“Tulip is fantastic local campaigner who has already made a huge difference to our area through her work as a Lead Member in Camden.

I would love to see her as the MP for Queens Park and Hampstead and Kilburn.”

James Denselow
Councillor for Queens Park, Lead Member for Customers and Citizens and Press Officer for H+K CLP

Roxanne Mashari Tulip Siddiq endorsement“The way Tulip saved Camden’s libraries is a real inspiration to me, and I will be looking to emulate her Library Forum in Brent as a lead member. She will make a fantastic candidate and Member of Parliament.”

Roxanne Mashari
Councillor for Welsh Harp, Lead Member for Environment and Neighborhoods

Miles Seaman“Her application, determination and intelligence impressed from the start and her subsequent rise in the political firmament speaks for itself. As a proven executive member of the Camden council she has demonstrated both the capacity and the ability to represent our constituency with vigour whilst remaining in touch with the people she would represent.”

Miles Seaman
Labour member, Fortune Green

Giannina Spanu endorsement“Tulip is an exceptional candidate who has proved herself to be a diligent and knowledgeable local councillor, with a track record of being an effective advocate on behalf of all the constituents in Camden. Moreover, she has the intellectual drive and integrity to make a significant contribution within the Parliament and the Labour Party itself.”

Miss Giannina Spanu
Labour member, Hampstead Town

Mohamed Harrath Tulip Siddiq“I think Tulip will make a good candidate because she has the experience and passion to fight the Tories.

She’ll stand up to government cuts for our constituency and will equally represent Camden and Brent.”

Mohamed Harrath
Labour member, Brondesbury Park

“I am aware of the brilliant work Tulip Siddiq is doing for her constituents in Camden. Given the opportunity, I believe she could do just as much for our constituency, including Kilburn, the ward I represent.”

Tayo Oladapo
Councillor for Kilburn Brent

“I have campaigned and worked with Tulip Siddiq since 2009; she became a valued member of Camden’s Labour cabinet in May 2010 when I was deputy leader. From the outset Tulip displayed a savvy political antennae with a firm grasp of local issues and concerns.

Tulip works collaboratively with other members of the cabinet and always keeps back benchers well informed. This has been evident in her steadfast steering of her Culture portfolio with a £22m budget. Tulip has worked hard to ensure positive press coverage for Labour throughout her tenure in office. I believe she would be inspiring, industrious and a valuable asset for our party in Parliament.”

Sue Vincent
Councillor for Holborn and Covent Garden

“Tulip is a very hard working local Councillor and clearly dedicated to her local community. She is an excellent campaigner as well as policy maker and would make an awesome MP for Hampstead and Kilburn.”

Ellie Robinson
Labour Councillor for Forest Gate North

Awale Olad - Tulip Siddiq endorsement“Tulip will be a great, hard working, and dedicated MP.

She understands the difficulties ordinary people face on a daily basis and her greatest asset is that she listens, goes away, and gets things done.

She has my support and I hope members in Hampstead and Kilburn will give her their backing.”

Awale Olad
Councillor for Holborn and Covent Garden

“Tulip is a very valued colleague in Camden’s Cabinet. She took on what in 2006 could only be described as the ‘poisoned chalice’ of a monumentally difficult portfolio, involving many cherished Camden libraries, sports and community centres, all with rabid defenders like me to fight to the last! And all this with the background context of savage Government cuts. Tulip has steered us through to calmer waters in Camden, with good humour, thoughtfulness and sheer hard work. She will make a great MP for Hampstead and Kilburn.”

Julian Fulbrook
Councillor for Holborn and Covent Garden, Cabinet member for Housing

“Tulip is a tenacious and passionate Labour Party campaigner who has worked tirelessly to demonstrate her commitment to Camden. She will make an excellent candidate to take those interests to Parliament.”

Oli Winton
Labour Member, Belsize

“As a long-term resident of Brondesbury Ward, I am happy to support the candidacy of Tulip Siddiq for the post of MP for the Kilburn and West Hampstead constituency.

Tulip brings experience as a local councillor for Camden, campaigning for the maintenance of local library services. She is a governor on the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and has long experience of campaigning for the Labour Party in the constituency and beyond (a member of Unite), having managed Ed Milliband’s successful campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party.”

Elizabeth O’Dell
Labour Member, Brondesbury Park

Keith Moynihan O'Brien Tulip Siddiq endorsement“Tulip was the only person to call and meet me, not to ask for my vote, but to understand people’s problems in the area.

Enthusiastic and genuine, her principles are true to the Labour Party and Hampstead & Kilburn’s diversity. I can’t wait to see her fighting for us in parliament.”

Keith Moynihan O’Brien
Queen’s Park Ward Secretary

“Having seen Tulip’s drive and commitment as a Labour councillor and during her campaign, I believe she has all the right qualities to succeed as Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn.

As the only candidate who lives and grew up in the constituency, she genuinely understands the needs of the community and is passionate about the values she stands for. This, combined with her national policy experience, makes her the ideal candidate to represent my area in Parliament.”

Alice Heatley
Labour member, West Hampstead

“Tulip is a great councillor who is committed to her local area and always puts other people first. As an MP, she’ll be a tireless champion of her constituents and a strong voice for Labour values in the House of Commons.”

Larry Smith
Labour member

Mahisha Rupan Tulip Siddiq endorsement“I have known Tulip for over ten years and have seen first-hand her commitment to improving her community. As a long term resident of Hampstead and Kilburn, she is passionate about the area and always strives to ensure that local concerns are heard.

Tulip’s strong track record in the area has convinced many residents to join the Labour party, and her intelligence, drive and integrity will ensure that she can competently represent local voices in parliament.”

Mahisha Rupan
West Hampstead

“Tulip has been extremely supportive of our work in education in many ways. She invested significant personal time and thought in advising us on how to tackle a particular issue we were facing, and really cared about seeing the best outcome. She is really passionate about finding the best solutions to problems.

I have no doubt that she will work extremely hard to represent her constituents and work across different boroughs and sectors.”

Catriona Maclay
Founder of a Hackney-based educational charity

Mary Daly Tulip Siddiq Endorsement“As Chair of the Health committee, I am responsible for health policy in Brent.

Tulip has always been a vociferous campaigner for the NHS in our area, and is the only person to support if you want a candidate who will stand up for the NHS in Hampstead and Kilburn.”

Mary Daly
Councillor for Sudbury
Chair of Brent Health Partnership Committee

“I am backing Tulip Siddiq to be the Labour candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn.”

Ruth Moher
Councillor for Fryent, Deputy Leader of Brent Council

“Tulip has a strong grasp of policy, is dedicated to Labour values and she will give Hampstead & Kilburn members a strong voice in Parliament on both local and national issues.”

Mark Deniston
Labour member, West Hampstead

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