Campaign to End Homelessness

August 18, 2016 at 2:42 pm / by


Londoners will be only too aware of the enormous growth in homelessness in recent years. According to Department for Communities and Local Government statistics, this is because rough sleeping in London is more than twice what it was in 2010.

I believe radical solutions are needed to address homelessness and many of the other manifestations of inequality in this country, which is why I was keen to sign the statement of the Labour Campaign to End Homelessness, seen here in the Guardian.

The statement requests that the Labour Party commits to:

  • A government-led national structure involving all of the major organisations, including statutory and community sector organisations, dedicated to ending homelessness
  • Implementing more efficient preventative measures and early intervention programmes to stop homelessness becoming entrenched and end the cycle
  • Creating a more effective registration system and information database of rough sleepers and hidden homeless to begin the process of rehousing
  • Enshrining the right to a home for everyone and begin rehousing all of the UK’s homeless population, including those with complex needs
  • Launching a substantial and sustainable programme of public and social house building

I believe that ending homelessness in this country should be a national priority. I will continue to challenge the Government’s appalling record through questions and debates in the Commons.