Camden Tube Station

July 10, 2009 at 10:39 pm / by

Camden New Journal wrote about the terrible state of Camden tube station last week so local activist Rob and I decided to take up the issue with Sadiq Khan immediately.

Here’s the letter we wrote to the CNJ:

Dear Sir,

In last week’s leader comment, you asked who will take up the issue of the terrible state of disrepair of Camden Town tube station. Well, this week we met with the newly appointed Transport Cabinet Minister, Sadiq Khan, to discuss just this. The meeting was positive and he has promised to raise the issue with Boris and Transport for London.

For years our community has been pushing for a refurbished station which would be fit for purpose for the wider public, but importantly also for people with mobility problems, the visually impaired and the elderly.

These groups have major difficulty negotiating both entrances to the station, and as you rightly pointed out, often have to use Mornington Crescent or Chalk Farm stations. Despite repeated letters to Transport for London over the years, the situation has not changed. As many of us know, the problems are magnified with the summer heat and out-of-action escalators.

Not only are we just 3 years from London’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, but half a million people visit Camden Markets every single week.

With almost 20 million entry and exist users of the station per year, we think it’s time for a fresh approach. Let’s work more productively with the new Department of Transport team and Transport for London to finally meet the challenges faced by all of us that use the station.

Yours Sincerely,

Tulip Siddiq & Robert Higson

CNJ covered the story and you can see it here.