Camden Green Fair

June 4, 2008 at 5:44 pm / by

I went to the Camden Green Fair over the weekend with Camden’s Mayor and you can see my photos from the event here.

We started off by visiting the bike stands where the Mayor had a go on one of the more unusual bikes but I’ll admit I wasn’t brave enough to do so myself! The organisers spoke to us about how they were encouraging more people to cycle in Camden and reduce the impact of personal transport.

We then visited the Fairtrade Tea Dance tent and picked up some chocolate from The Camden Fairtrade Network stand before moving onto some car stands. Living in central London means that I don’t normally need a car but if I ever decide to rent a car for a day, I now know that I have the option of going to the City Car Club!

We also stopped by the Ghanaian sculpture stall, selling sculptures and other crafts from Gyetiase, the village in Central Ghana which is twinned with Bloomsbury and Kings Cross Labour Party, via Ghanaian residents of Gyetiase who now live in Camden.

My favourite part of the fair was the actual toilets and kitchens on display which showed you ways to minimise the amount of water you used and the different approaches to making your daily life more environmentally friendly. I was also amused by the ‘graffiti sofa’ where people could express their main concerns about the environment. Not surprisingly, dog mess seemed to be one of the major issues.

It was nice to see a lot of young children at the fair and they all seem to be really enjoying themselves. Some of the activities included designing their own cotton bags, a hula-hoop competition which our Mayor participated in, making bicycle powered smoothies, sewing and cutting old clothes to create new ones, decorating a tea pot and most intriguingly ……making a recycled chicken!!