Bangladesh Mela

July 31, 2008 at 4:33 pm / by

I wrote to the Camden New Journal about spending the whole of Sunday at the Bangladesh Mela in Coram’s Field.


I wrote about how proud I am that our borough is championing diversity and social inclusion. The Mela allowed all residents of Camden, regardless of race and colour, to enjoy the best aspects of Bengali culture in the fine English sunshine. The general atmosphere was one of jubilation and in addition to enjoying the excellent curry and getting some henna done on my hands, I bought a bag from the APASENTH stall which was handmade by people with learning disabilities.

And, of course, I was extremely pleased to see a strong but not overbearing ‘green’ theme running through the Mela.

Signing up!

The local Labour Party had a stall there and we collected signatures for our petition which highlights the need for another secondary school to be built in the borough.

Petition signing

You can see photos from the day here.