Article 50: Challenging the Prime Minister

October 9, 2017 at 2:47 pm / by

My concern over the lack of progress in negotiations with the EU grows with each passing week. Amongst the many reasons why I voted against triggering Article 50 in February, the Government’s obvious lack of preparation featured highly. The length of time it is taking to clarify the status of EU nationals and to resolve the issue of exit payments means that the country now faces the serious possibility of a ‘no deal’ scenario, which would be catastrophic for our economy.

Legal experts have noted that if the Government reasonably believes that talks could end without agreement, their notification of Article 50 could be revoked. This would allow them to reset the negotiating process whilst retaining our current favourable terms of trade. In the Commons, I pushed the Prime Minister to say whether she had received legal guidance on the matter. Our exchange can be viewed here and below