Answer please Prime Minister!

June 12, 2009 at 11:55 pm / by

I was invited to attend an event with Gordon Brown last weekend in Stratford. I decided it was worth making the long journey to the east for the Prime Minister!

It’s not the most optimistic of articles but you can read more about the event here and you may even spot a little familiar face in the photo.

We had the chance to ask questions at the end of his (quite humorous!) speech and I asked the Prime Minister about the opportunities for young women to advance in the Labour Party.

Several female ministers have resigned from the cabinet in the last few weeks and although I don’t take Caroline Flint’s words about being ‘window-dressing’ at face value, I wanted reassurance from the Prime Minister that the Labour Party still believes in equal rights for women.

Unfortunately he didn’t answer my question because he ran out of time. If you’re reading this Mr Brown, you still owe me an answer! Yes I’m happy to meet with you at No 10 of course……

Ok I think the lack of sleep is getting to me! You can see my photos from the event here.