Abortion Rights

September 11, 2008 at 2:10 pm / by

I realise that Labour Party members must be inundated with Annual Conference invitations but I thought I’d highlight the ‘Campaigning to defend and extend women’s abortion rights ahead of further votes this autumn‘ fringe meeting on Tuesday 23rd September at 12.45 pm. (The Rain Bar, 80 Great Bridgewater Street)

The meeting will be discussing how the Labour movement can help to defend and extend women’s fundamental rights and I would encourage all pro-choice supporters to attend.

I’m also delighted that the TUC Congress earlier this week called for an end to anti-abortion attacks on women’s basic rights and for improved access to abortion services.

The TUC motion supports pro-choice amendments to improve legal rights for women arguing that ‘abortion should be legally available at the request of the woman and the requirement that two doctors agree to her decision should be ended.’ You can read more about the motion here.