A spring in my step

April 5, 2015 at 10:01 pm / by


Richard Wilson - Wed 1 April

Kilburn High Road Labour Office, 1 April

You know it is the eve of spring in an election year when there are two newspaper interviews in one day (The Evening Standard and the Independent), followed by a very well-attended hustings at the fantastic Sherriff Centre. That was 31 March.

The start of April has been truly inspiring for me. After two years of campaigning and preparation, it is amazing to see so many very familiar faces among my volunteers continuing down the final few weeks with me.

On 1 April, TV star Richard Wilson joined us in our offices to share stories about Glenda Jackson, whom he knew well both as his local MP and as an actress. Richard spoke about campaigning for Glenda back in 2010 and was planning how best to get stuck in this year as well. As he spoke about zero-hours contracts and the need to take action, his passion for a Labour Government was as strong as ever.

We were all pretty angry about David Cameron’s attempts to slur the notion that people in Hampstead might actually care about those well off so I was very pleased that the picture shown here (“Proud to be a Hampstead Socialist”) was picked up by the Camden New Journal.