38 Degrees NHS petition

March 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm / by
Finchley Road, 2nd March

Finchley Road, 2nd March

Many of you may be familiar with 38 Degrees – it is an organisation that helps individuals and communities campaign on specific issues. I certainly hear from them a lot! Anything that helps constituents assess their priorities and vocalise their concerns is helpful to me. They have had multiple campaigns around the NHS and I was delighted to visit one of their petition activities in person.

The “Save Our NHS” petition is very simple – it recognises that the NHS needs more funding if it is to deliver the services we expect from it and it recognises that privatisation is not helping. From my work on an NHS Foundation Trust, I have heard these problems directly and seen the need for a new vision and new set of priorities from Government. As the petition says, “enough is enough”.